"I’ve tried a slew of iPhone note editing apps, and not only is Simplenote my favorite, it might be my favorite third-party iPhone app, period. It’s that good."

Gruber gives the love to Simplenote. I have also been using it for a while for all of the same reasons Gruber mentions here. It is fast, minimalist and just plain works.

That said, I do have to take issue with one little thing that I don’t like about Simplenote. I hate the icon. Seriously, it has the most unattractive icon of any app I’ve seen for the iPhone. Even worse that the original Wine Guide icon that looked like a lady’s crotch. It actually has caused me to come close to deleting the app on several occasions. I certainly don’t have it on my iPhone’s home page. Yes, it is that bad.

Picky, I know…


Against advice to the contrary, I am starting a fund to get some money to an icon designer who can:

a. Design a kick-ass icon for Simplenote and…

b. Get the developers to use it.

Kick-assedness will be decided by me in consultation with people of taste and class, distinction. The person who does that gets the pot. I’m putting in a fifty to start the ball rolling. You can donate below: